Spinomenal's Privacy Policy

Spinomenal (2014) Ltd. ("Spinomenal") cares about your privacy and endeavors to adhere to applicable laws. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with information regarding the collection, use, and protection of the information Spinomenal collects from its users ("Users" or "You") of Casino Desires(the "Game" and/or the "Service"). .

By playing the Game, You agree to the collection, storage, and use of your personal and other information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. Spinomenal may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, and Spinomenal encourages you to review the Privacy Policy regularly for changes, and even address Spinomenal with any question you may have regarding this Privacy Policy.

Spinomenal's main goal in collecting information is to improve Your (and other Users') experience as the User of the Game. HOWEVER, Spinomenal may also use such information for other purposes, as details below. Spinomenal stores all the information collected from its Users on a secured server. However, this server is not necessarily at the direct supervision of Spinomneal, and thus although it is protected according to industry standards, Spinomenal cannot guarantee its full protection from hacking and other malicious activities. Additionally, please endeavor not to send any personal information to Spinomenal via emails, which may not be considered as a safe way of sharing personal information, and refrain from sending any personal information you do not wish to be shared by Spinomenal with others.

1. Policy Regarding Persons Under 21 THE GAME IS INTENDED FOR THE USE OF THOSE 21 OR OLDER FOR AMUSEMENT PURPOSES ONLY. IN ANY CASE, IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED TO PLAY THE GAME IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 13. For users between the ages of 13 and 18 (or older if the local laws in your applicable jurisdiction so require), You declare that Your legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to this Privacy Policy. In case Spinomenal learns that these requirements have been breached, than it shall be deemed also as a breach of the Game's Terms of Use http://www.spinomenal.com/terms.html and Spinomenal may forthwith delete or otherwise limit the account, inter alia upon request of the person who is the legal guardian of a person not fulfilling the requirement above.

2. Collecting Your Information Spinomenal may collect information using several methods, such as (but not limited to):

3. Information Collected Upon installation, Spinomenal may collect and store information provided by You. Such information may be provided either by You or, by permitting Spinomenal to collect information via social networks (i.e facebook, Google+, etc.) or via other third party or means you shall permit Spinomenal to collect information from. (the "Account Information"). The term "Personal information" shall mean information about You that can be used to contact or identify you. The types of Personal Information collected may vary depending on the activity and the meas of using the Game, and may include (as an example and without limiting the foregoing):

Additionally, Spinomenal may acquire information from or about Youm through Your access and participation in chats, forums, message boards, correspondence, and similar, directly with us, within, or related to the Game. Please note that because a third party site manages the purchases of Credits http://www.spinomenal.com/terms.html offered by the Game, Spinomenal does not have access to your credit card details. The term "Non Personal information" shall mean information that, when taken alone, cannot be used to identify or contact You. Spinomenal may collect and use non-personal information about You and/or Your use of the Game either during You play or by tracking the Game's software while not playing the Game. Spinomenal may ask for Your non-personal information which may include but is not limited to:

If non personal information is collected for a promotional and/or Game improvement activity that requires both personal information and non personal information, Spinomenal may use them to promote your user experience and provide Game Users with an improved and better Game. Spinomenal may use such consolidated information to analyze how the Game is used in terms of session recurrence, stability, interests, performance, duration, achievements, etc. Spinomenal may also collect other forms of information, such as your occupation (if published or relayed by You), the language you choose to use, your zip code, location, the time zone where the Game is played, as well as information about your IP address and other connectivity information, hardware, web browser type and preferences, platform, incident data, referring and exit pages, time spent on different pages, information regarding clicks and duration of visits, and other similar information. Spinomenal may use this info in connection with market and demographic studies and/or as supplemental to Your personal information. Please note that in the course of standard Internet activity, certain information may be sent from your browser to third parties and/or to Spinomenal. Spinomenal has no control over such information sent to third parties and encourages You to check adjust your browser settings in order to prevent such unwanted transfer of information.

4. Changing or Deleting Your Information You may review, update or delete any personal information by changing the applicable information in your account page. If you delete all of your information, your account may be terminated. If you wish Spinomenal to remove your record from its systems, please contact Spinomenal support@casino-desires.com and we shall attempt to respond to your request as long as Spinomenal is not required to obtain such information by law and/or for its own records. If you have granted Spinomenal access to your account information through a social network or other third party, you may request Spinomenal to delete your information by following the directions available at such network or third party.

5.How Spinomenal Uses Your Information Spinomenal uses Your information for its analytical purposes (including re direct and/or indirect advertising) and for account-related activities, including contacting you for certain Service related purposes, promotion activities of Spinomenal's or other parties' products, and other commercial matters. You may opt out of certain of these messages. The information that You provide and/or the Spinomenal collects, may be disclosed or distributed, with or without consideration, by spinomenal to affiliated and/or unaffiliated third parties. Additionally, Spinomenal may collect, use, store, transmit and display publicly (in social networks or otherwise) statistical data, and dada such as Your scores, rankings and achievements, near or with Your name or otherwise. If You wish to terminate your account or request that Spinomenal no longer use your information, kindly contact Spinomenal ny clicking here support@casino-desires.com. Please note that there may be cases in which Spinomenal may need to retain your information for internal and/or legal purposes.

6. Management Through Third Parties Spinomenal may employ third parties to deliver, handle, maintain, improve and/or otherwise manage the Game and the interaction with You, including re the collection of any information mentioned above. Spinomenal may ask some third parties to supplement personal information that You provide to Spinomenal on for its own marketing and other studies and analyses, such as re advertising and improving your gaming experience.

7. Disclosure of Your Personal Information Spinomenal shall not share any of your Personal Information unless required to by:

Spinomenal may also disclose information about You if it determines that such disclosure is reasonably necessary to enforce Terms of Use http://www.spinomenal.com/terms.html or to protect its operations or other users. Furthermore, Spinomenal may sell, transfer or otherwise share some or all of its assets, including your Personal Information, in the event of a merger, acquisition, sale of assets or any other similar transactions, or in the event of bankruptcy.

8. Links, Ads As part of the Service, the Game may contain links and/or advertisements to third party websites or applications. Spinomenal has no control on such third parties websites, applications, or content, and by clicking on such link or advertisement You shall leave the Game to a third party website or application. Spinomenal's Terms of Use http://www.spinomenal.com/terms.html and this Privacy Policy do not apply to such third party websites, applications or any of the content provided by such third parties. Spinomenal does not monitor such third parties, has no control over them, and may not even be aware of their identity and/or content. Thus, Spinomenal cannot and will not be liable to such content and/or to information which You may disclosed and/or transfer to such third parties, wither willingly or not.

9. Payments For Spinomenal’s policy regarding the purchase of “Credits”, please see Spinomenal’s Terms of Service at http://www.spinomenal.com/terms.html

10. Contact Us For any questions about its Privacy Policy or any other issue please contact Spinomenal at: support@casino-desires.com