Power Pups Heroes

In the year 2030 the humans have made a mistake. In an effort to create a super soldier, that awful experiment has gone wrong.
That experiment has created this… beast, this evil mutant, the Catgorrila! The Catgorilla has changed the balance of power in the epic battle between cats and dogs forever. When the Catgorilla has kidnapped their queen, the dogs have uncovered their secret weapon, the Hero Generation machine. But as powerful as they are, those heroes need a leader…
Are you the hero they have been waiting for?
Wear your Super Hero costume, and spin away the Villain!
  • 25 lines
  • Symbol Transformation
  • Dynamic Free Spins
  • Flying Wilds
  • Sticky Wild
  • Feature Generation Machine
  • Boss Battle-bonus game
  • Surprise Scatter
  • Expanding Wild
  • Winning Multipliers
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