The all-mighty god of the sea rises from the depths of the ocean and invites all brave sailors to join on an Epic adventure to discover the mysteries of his golden kingdom.
Spinomenal announced today its new Premium release- Poseidon’s Rising- and welcome all passengers on-board this wild journey!

Poseidon’s Rising is another chapter in Spinomenal’s Greek Gods games series. This time, the talented product team aimed to create an under-sea experience that will combine new mathematics and mechanism, together with the most advanced graphic features, that eventually will reflect the true essence of this fascinating myth called Poseidon.
Poseidon’s Rising is a 5X3 slot that combines 50 paying lines with Medium-High volatility. Some of Spinomenal’s top-notch features were implemented in this unique game, such as Free Spins Journey, Winning Symbols re-spin, Rising Stacked Wild, Shifting Expanding Wild, and more. Each feature was merged with perfect harmony in this game’s graphics to create an individual user experience. For example, when hitting the bonus round, the game’s screenplay takes the player a level down into a whole new “depth” in the ocean, where the Free Spins Journey is revealed as if the player was a brave sailor who is trying to navigate his way in the rough stormy sea. Another example of this particular mindset can be seen when hitting a Rising Stacked Wild, a new dedicated feature that was designed especially for this game. The player will witness Poseidon’s actual rise in each spin while he is hammering the famous Trident.

These thrilling features, alongside a dramatic sound and distinctive graphics that can be seen on each aspect of the game- From the thunders hitting the “ship” in the game’s background until the octopus’s arms grasping the game spots during the bonus round- Creates a real competitor for 2021’s game of the year title.
And this is just the beginning…

Nir Ronen, Chief Operation Officer at Spinomenal: “Poseidon’s Rising is the perfect game to launch at the beginning of a new year. It is unique, it has phenomenal graphics, and above all, it gives our players a real taste of what is yet to come. This game keeps players on their toes while playing it and expecting the next Spinomenal release to come. I am positive it will become one of the best games to be released in 2021.”