There is nothing like a good old nostalgic memory- those days we could walk around careless, no phones attached, running outside, looking for new adventures, and especially waiting for mama to hand us with candies.
Spinomenal is making a sweet gesture to its extensive fan community in the CIS and releasing today a special new game- Childhood Sweets.

This 5X4 slot guaranteed to make the end of the summer a bit sweeter. It combines 10-100 Lines to choose from and thus making it a game for all players types. The true idea behind this sugary slot is to make a genuine contribution to Spinomenal’s CIS players, and that is why a lot of thinking has been dedicated to the graphics and sounds in this game. Alongside famous features like Stacked Wild and a Chance to Win Up to X1000 of your total bet, you will find images of iconic candies such as Zyphir, Roaster lollipops, and Lobster caramel.

“The idea for this game was born out of a funny product meeting we had,” says Nir Ronen, Spinomenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, “We held a meeting that discussed our game plan for the upcoming months. Suddenly, one of our product team members, which was born in Russia, came with a roaster lollipop out of nowhere. We started laughing, thinking to ourselves, where on earth did he managed to buy this lollipop, and apparently, they still sell it in some kiosks. We started bringing up memories of old candies, we use to eat as kids, and this team member also mentioned that this roaster lollipop is a very famous candy in the CIS countries. We looked at each other and noticed that everyone’s faces were all happy and glowing, and we thought to ourselves, why not share the same feeling with our loyal players community in the CIS. Everyone immediately embraced the idea, and this is how Childhood Sweets was born. I guarantee a true fun game for all players types.“