It has been a fantastic race of 7 rounds over 3 months with 4 different mechanics. Big thanks to all our partners! Now it is time for us to focus on creating the next big thing!

Grand Holidays Tournament in points:
1) More than 500,000 Players participated in our Grand Holidays Tournament!
2) A total amount of 300,000 EURO were given to participating players!
3) Our retention feature was a great success! 40% of the players who participated in rounds I-VI participated in the final round!
4) Our most popular slots during the Grand Holidays Tournament (Based on the number of players):
#1 – Book Of Rampage (Round V)
#2 – Hallow Reels (Round III)
#3 – Book Of Horror (Round II)
5) Our winners during the tournament collected a combined score of more than 30,000,000 points! What a commitment!
6) Our players worked hard for their prizes!
These are the highest amounts of prizes single players earned during the tournament rounds:
#1 – 26,700 EURO
#2 – 24.105 EURO
#3 – 20,400 EURO

For the final winners’ list in our Grand Holidays Tournament – round VII, Click Here.