Round 1 of Spinomenal’s exclusive “Round 2 of Spinomenal’s exclusive “May Madness” tournament is over and with more than 200 participating brands, over 29,500 players who collected points in this round’s games, and overall, over 2,450,000 points collected in this round, the battle for the bonus symbol can be declared as a huge success.

Round 2 of this thrilling tournament, was all about collecting the unique Bonus symbols. The round took place between May 18th and lasted until May 24thst. This round featured Spinomenal’s popular games: Egyptian Rebirth II, Magical Amazon & latest hit Queen of Fire.
It was a close battle for each Bonus symbol until the final finish line. While playing in any of the participating games, each time a Bonus symbol landed in one of the reels, players were rewarded with 1 point. (for example, if at the end of a spin 3 Bonus symbols appeared on the reels, players were rewarded with 3 points).
The accumulated points were summed up throughout the round’s period, and the more points collected by an individual player, the higher his/her position was in the Realtime updated leaderboard.
The first 150 players in the leaderboard shared a prize pool of €20,000 (!)

On to some numbers- The most played games in round 2 of May Madness tournament, were Queen of Fire with 43% and Egyptian Rebirth II with 42% of the total played spins. The most active player, and the Big Winner, accumulated over 38,300 points (!) in the tournament.

The good news for those unlucky players that have not made it to the top 150 players, is that the ding sound on the final round of this tournament has already rang today, and Spinomenal’s fans can try their best shot by competing in their favorite online casinos.

For the final winners’ list in Round’s 2 of May Madness tournament, Click Here.