Spinomenal Summon you to Dance with The Gods of Demi Gods IV

Spinomenal launched the legendary continuation of Demi Gods series – Demi Gods IV.
The game theme takes us back to the glorious Greek mythology and provides an astonishing UX and gameplay for all players- Athena, Artemins, Hermes and Apollo invite you to Olympus Mountain for an Epic battle. The amazing high-quality images, together with the game’s epic sounds, creates a unique atmosphere, you just cannot stop spinning!

This 6X4 slot with 50 lines creates a unique mechanism alongside new & thrilling bonus features: Hitting the Bonus symbol on the 1st & 6th reel will ignite the Free spins feature, however, the innovation of this game is that the player can spin the wheel up to 5 times in total and combine all 4 Bonus Features with different levels together for the free spin session! Main features: Win Multiplier, Synced Reels, Power Spin, and Extra Free Spins!

Five years have passed since Spinomenal released its 1st title of the Demi Gods Series, and the success it has experienced with each title has been phenomenal. “We managed to create a World-wide fan community for Demi Gods series”, says Omer Henya, Co-Founder & CTO in Spinomenal, “and we are more than proud to present the game of the year- Demi Gods 4- we invested a great amount of time, researching and understanding what the players are looking for in terms of mechanism, visual and sound, and we are certain that we have managed to exceed our fans expectations.”