A magical spell created by the ancient culture awakes the dead once a year. Passed down by generations of native tribes from Latin America, it is one of the world’s most famous holidays- Day of the Dead.
Today, Spinomenal announced its new release to celebrate this colorful and uniquely cultural festival- Fortuna de Los Muertos.
Put on your skull makeup, get your tequila bottles, prepare your dancing moves, and get ready to Spin with the dead!

Fortuna de Los Muertos is a Medium-High Volatility game, that like many of Spinomenal’s latest special holiday game releases, has an option to chose between 10-100 lines. This makes the new game, appealing and fun for all types of players, both low and high wagers.
One of the most noticeable aspects of Fortuna de Los Muertos is its design. As mentioned in previous news releases, Spinomenal’s talented design team, have made tremendous work with investigating this ancient and exceptional holiday. Specific offerings that are a part of the holiday’s custom, were implemented in the game’s reels- The famous Marigold flower, tequila bottles, sugar skulls and the famous skull costumed ladies celebrating this holiday. Sounds were created especially to match the Latin atmosphere that surrounds this festival.
Looking from a wider perspective, it seems that the combination of the game’s mechanism, alongside a strong emphasis on the visual appearance, created a player-friendly fun game, that meant to appeal to LATAM markets, but for sure, will make a breakthrough to other markets as well.

Fortuna de Los Muertos, which is Spinomenal first Day of the Dead dedicated themed game, is an outcome of Spinomenal strategy to infiltrates, furthermore, to global markets through the creation of dedicated themed games that bring local culture to the front of the stage. It is seen with Childhood Sweets, Halloween latest game releases, and players will also enjoy this repeating motif in the upcoming months.