The most famous beer festival in the world- Oktoberfest- is only a few days away, and Spinomenal makes its yearly contribution, to honor this Bavarian tradition as it releases a dedicated Flash-win promotion and a new game- Spinning Beers.

Grab your favorite Bavarian beer and start spinning!

Oktoberfest is one holiday that cannot be ignored, after all, what can be better than drinking beer, eating those huge Bavarian hotdogs, some crispy pretzel, and dancing like crazy! Spinomenal product team seems to think exactly the same, and that is why they are continuing the company’s yearly tradition and releasing today, a new and festive 5X4 slot dedicated to the best beer party in the world.
The new slot- Spinning beers- has 10-100 lines to choose from, unique Features like Moving Stacked Wild and colorful Oktoberfest graphics and Bavarian music. But wait! The fun does not stop there, Spinomenal are also launching a dedicated promotion that will be applied both on Spinning Beers and Oktober Spin Fest, another Oktoberfest slot hit from last year. The Flashwin is an In-game feature that appears randomly and awards the player with extra wins up to X100 of the player’s total bet- a true added value for Spinomenal’s fan community.
With this special promotion and the new release, we can definitely declare the official launch of Spinomenal’s 2020’s Holiday season, and there is a lot to look forward to.


“This is the 2nd year we are honoring Oktoberfest and as part of this tradition, we are releasing Spinning Beers to the market and our special Flash-win holiday promotion”, says Nir Ronen, Spinomenal’s Chief Commercial Officer, “This unique Oktoberfest campaign, which includes a game release and a dedicated promotion, is part of a whole strategy we planned for the upcoming Holiday season. It is the first shot that announces the grand opening of our yearly holiday marathon, and which will include promising themed game slots and some more exciting network promotions.
As stated already in the past, the 2nd stage of our brand awareness plan is to create meaningful engagement with our top markets, we started it last week when we released Childhood Sweets and we continue to do it this time as we are releasing Spinning Beers and the Flash-win promotion. This is the final race for this year, the expectations from game providers are huge, and that is one of the reasons why I love the holiday season so much- it brings the best of us!”