Spinomenal is more than happy to welcome 2021 with the announcement of Jingle Wins Christmas tournament Big Winners! With more than 200 participating brands, over 120,000 players who collected points in the tournament’s games, and overall, over 372M tournament points collected, Spinomenal can declare 2020’s sweet end.

Spinomenal’s Jingle Wins tournament took place between December 24th and lasted until December 31st. The tournament roles were quite simple- each of the following games: Wild Santa, Book of Xmas, Demi Gods IV Christmas Edition, Childhood Sweets Christmas Edition, Demi Gods II Christmas Edition & Majestic King Christmas Edition, had Spinomenal’s new tournament tool implemented in it. Each win, in any of the participating games, rewarded the player with a score based on the win multiplier (For example, if a player waged 1 EUR and won 10 EUR, he/she was rewarded with 10 points).
The accumulated points were summed up throughout the tournament period, and the more points collected by an individual player, the higher his/her position was in the Realtime updated leaderboard.
The first 250 players in the leaderboard shared a prize of €50,000 (!)

On to some numbers- The most played games in the tournament were Wild Santa and Book of Xmas with 40% of the total played spins. The most active player, and the Big Winner, accumulated over 20,000 points(!) in the tournament.

On Behalf of Spinomenal team, we wish you a Happy New Year!
For the final winners’ list in the Jingle Wins tournament, click here.