Major casino operator, 1XSlots, is launching a wide social media campaign, aiming to express its philosophy behind its successful casino- Trendy, User friendly and fun- and what a better partner to do it with, other than Spinomenal.

The campaign aims to emphasize the creative side of slot games in the gambling industry. While many might think that slot games are pure mathematics, there are a lot of graphic elements to consider in order to create a whole user experience. Studies have shown that the combination of certain colors has a direct effect on players’ emotions in slots games, for example, Red evokes passion and excitement while Orange is refreshing and energetic.
This notion led 1XSlots creative marketing team, to come up with this brilliant campaign. The main theme of this campaign is to capture players’ erupting emotions while playing Spinomenal most popular games. The games are projected upon Players’ faces and capture each of their expressions per each move they make during the game- from placing their first bet, through their first loss and on to their first MegaWin.
1XSlots chose Spinomenal’s games out of the same shared philosophy that highlights the beauty, trendiness, and creative side of slot games. Both companies believe that in an increasingly competitive business environment, the added value for the players will be expressed by the artistic side of the slot games and platforms, and that is one of the main reasons why both parties maintain a successful business relationship.

“We are very proud to take part in this unique campaign, launched by our good friends in 1XSlots”, says Nir Ronen, Chief Commercial Officer at Spinomenal, “both of our companies share the same philosophical point of view, and we believe that eventually, it is all about the players and how they feel while playing our games in the most accurate and fun platform. We love getting those feedbacks from players, through our operators, we love seeing our games bringing joy to a new player and most of all we love seeing our partnership with 1XSlots grow to this level of mutual understanding regarding the future of our industry.“