They are intelligent, sophisticated and guardians of the ancient secrets of the Japanese pagodas. Spinomenal invites you on a mysterious journey to the land of the rising sun. Armed with the Samurai’s sword and full of courage, you will challenge the Kitsune who guard the pagoda, as you try to reach for the Big Win!
Welcome to Spinomenal’s new Anime adventure- Kitsune’s Scrolls!

Announced today, this new release, is a 25 Lines Medium-High volatility game, which is perhaps one of the most interesting games that major content provider, Spinomenal, had released this year. A combination of a new & thrilling mechanism alongside the most unique Features Spinomenal has to offer such as Bonus Game, Expanding Wilds, Synced Reels and one of the players’ favorites Free Spins Gamble which gives an extra dimension of excitement to this game.

In order to create this singular Anime themed 5X4 slot, Spinomenal’s research team needed to conduct a two-stage process.
The first one is understanding what kind of mechanism would appeal both to its APAC market- as this game is a part of Spinomenal’s strategy to increase its brand awareness throughout its various markets with dedicated themed games- And as well for other global markets. Understanding players’ preferences similarities amongst Spinomenal’s markets, provided the developers with the basic guidelines of how to set up a new mechanism that will push players to their limits.
The second stage was held by the design team, who together with the research team, took a deep dive into the Anime culture that started in Japan and spread across the globe. The team understood the major universal cultural effect that Anime has and managed to apply it with much creativity in Kitsune’s Scrolls-From the main female Samurai figure to the Kitsune symbol and on to the special font being used in this game.

Looking forward to the end of 2020, it seems like Spinomenal had pulled out another ace from its sleeve with Kitsune’s Scroll that will leave its fan community with high hopes towards 2021.