Following months of preparations, Spinomenal announced today the official launch of its grand Halloween Network Draw.
Gather up all your luck, spells, magic and start spinning!

A few months ago, Spinomenal’s product team started playing with ideas that will maximize the holiday season to its fullest. Halloween was sort of an open riddle. On the one hand, dedicated games for Halloween are obvious to produce, however, the notion was that a step-up need to be taken, and something on a large scale needed to be done- A network Draw was the perfect resolution and so it began.
The dedicated team, drafted rules, prepared an attractive design and decided on a prize pool of €50,000 (!) and soon marketing and business development departments, pulled out their magic and the word was spread out all across the company’s clients.

Today, with over 100 operators that have Opted-in, the official Draw has started.
The Draw will take place until November 2nd, and the lucky winners will be declared the day after. Players will find some of their Favorite games in this Draw, such as Spin’O’ween, Hallow Reels, Origins of Lilith, 4 Horsemen and 4 Horsemen II.
The most important thing for the players to remember- As many tickets as one player collect, the bigger the chances for him/her to win the first prize.

Spinomenal team wish all the participants a happy Halloween and all the luck spinning your way to the first prize!