Our first tournament for August has ended! This “Epic Race” tournament is over, with more than 200 participating brands, over 30,000 players who collected points in this round’s games, and overall, more than 5,000,0000 tournament points collected; this tournament is considered a success, and we can’t wait to see what other tournaments rounds for August will bring!

This exciting tournament occur between August 02nd and lasted until August 09th. In this round featured some of Spinomenal most popular games: Majestic King, Book Of The Divine, and Aztec Spell.

This round was based on the win multiplier (For example, if a player waged 1 EUR and won 10 EUR, he was rewarded with 10 points) and the accumulated points were summed up throughout the tournament period. The more points collected by an individual player, the higher his position was in the real-time updated leaderboard.

The first 150 players in the leaderboard shared a prize of €20,000(!).

For the final winners’ list in our Epic Race tournament, Click Here.