Lior Shvartz, CEO & Co-Founder at Spinomenal, the studio behind the popular Demi Gods series, sits down with SlotCatalog to tell us their story and what we can expect in the coming twelve months.

Welcome, Lior! We’re grateful that you took the time to speak to us. Could you introduce yourself and Spinomenal as a company?

I am the proud Co-Founder and CEO of Spinomenal and since we launched in 2014, Spinomenal has quickly become one of the fastest-growing content providers in the industry. We pride ourselves on a dedicated, tailor-made approach to creating games that players love to play. This includes creating bespoke solutions such as tournament tools, flash win, and SpinOWheel in-game promotions which have proven a huge hit.

In May 2020, Spinomenal was granted a license by the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) our games are certified in 20 countries around the world including Sweden, Romania, and Colombia. With more than 160 of our own proprietary HTML 5 games, we also have our own Spinomenal Aggregation Platform (SAP) giving customers access to more than 2,000 different games from some of the industry’s most trusted third-party providers.

Not only that, but we also provide our customers with all the tools required to market our games such as Casino Manager Tools, Fast Marketing Tools, Social Deep Integration tools, Blockchain Honesty Control, Point of Sale Solutions, Virtual Lottery Terminals and much more.

What is the Spinomenal vision?

As a company we focus on 3 core elements:

Classic math mechanics – players are familiar with our games and love the maths. We work incredibly hard to keep our games fresh and exciting while keeping the elements of the math mechanics that our players love and used to.

Never stop innovating – we are always looking for the next big thing and innovation is the key to this as we strive to develop new features and gamification.

We are business focused – we proudly offer tailor-made solutions to our operators with each Spinonenal account manager having the flexibility to adjust each product to their operator clients’ requirements.

What is your corporate culture like?

Our corporate culture is to ensure that every member of the team feels valued and understands that they are critical to the success of our company. We achieve this by giving each member of the team an opportunity to lead their own projects from start to finish. Not only that, but we provide an environment whereby staff can also learn from other departments in order to enhance their own expertise in different areas of the business.

For instance, our business development team will work closely with clients to understand their requirements, which is then communicated to the development and design teams and together they create solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. I am very proud of the unique, symbiotic working environment where a junior account manager or developer will have an opportunity to lead a project.

Which are your target markets?

We are certified to market our games in the following countries; Alderney, Belarus, Bosnia R. Srpska, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

We have found that our games have proven especially popular in the CIS, LatAm, and Asian territories. Therefore, we keep that in mind when planning our games roadmap. Since we were only awarded our MGA license very recently, we are really excited about replicating our success in other jurisdictions, in the new target markets that this license gives us.

Your release Demi Gods Series seems very successful according to our data, why do you think the game has been so appreciated by players?

Yes, we are really proud of our Demi Gods Series. We decided early on that this would make for an excellent range of games, and with each release, they’ve just got better and better. For instance, when we unveiled Demi Gods 2, we added the unique 4 free spins feature which smashed all our KPIs and we knew we were onto something special. Session times and player retention increased as players wanted to complete the free spins journey, therefore when it came to creating Demi Gods 3, we increased it to 9 different free spins and we experienced the same success.

Which of your games is your personal favorite and why? You can only name one title!

My personal favorite has to be Majestic King. Launching this game was a very rewarding experience for me since I was involved from the very beginning. Once the concept was agreed upon, I was involved in the entire process from the design to the build. As an avid slots fan, I was really excited by the fantastic features and the complex math that helped to make this game a huge hit with players.

Our readers are always interested in upcoming titles. Could you share any details of your next upcoming releases?

We can’t give too much away, but what I can tell you is that we are very excited to announce that we will be releasing Demi Gods 4 in July and we already have Demi Gods 5 in development. Any more than that? You’ll just have to wait and see but we have some really exciting projects in the pipeline.

How do you interpret the growing competition among game studios these days and how do you deal with it?

It means that game developers like us must work even harder at producing the best games possible that will keep players engaged. It is true that the landscape has never been so competitive, but we believe that this is a good thing. We are inspired every day by our competitors and we are really proud to be part of such a progressive industry but ultimately, we believe that our innovative games and marketing solutions will ensure we’re always one step ahead.

In your opinion, why should players spend their time on games from your portfolio?

We have focused on games that have a dynamic design element with original and fresh features and that have an exciting math element. You need a combination of all these things in order to appeal to players. We also strive to learn from the success of our games. Take our Demi Gods series, for example, we worked hard to keep on improving each game as they were built, to ensure we kept bringing something new to the table whilst keeping the game play that players loved. We simply enhanced that experience.

How do you see the gaming industry’s future?

Ultimately we work within an entertainment industry, and we need to ensure that players love playing our games responsibly whilst looking forward to any new future releases. To give you a sneak preview, we are announcing the launch of Spin’O’Wheel in June which will grant Free Spins to players. We will also soon be releasing a tournament tool, which will provide our customers with a “leaderboard” solution, which will undoubtedly enhance the overall gamification of each game.

This interview is coming to an end, is there anything you would like to say before we say goodbye?

We are incredibly passionate about our industry and we hope this translates through our games. We put so many resources behind each game, marketing tool, and deal with third-party providers that our biggest goal is to simply be the best we can be.

Our vision does not waiver. We want to be the most innovative games and technology provider and we are well on the road to achieving this.

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