Spinomenal, one of the fastest-growing content providers in the online casino industry, had partnered up with one of the fastest-growing brands in the Belgium market- Blitz Casino.
This new collaboration is yet another huge landmark for Spinomenal, who’s stepping a firm foot into the Belgian market.
For Blitz Casino, it is a huge opportunity, to expose its vast players community for Spinomenal’s creative game slots that have long been popular amongst other markets in the industry.

Spinomenal has committed to create a special dice game slots for Blitz Casino and looking forward, there is much more to anticipate. Players can already find Spinomenal’s special dice games such as Joker Madness and Irish Lucky Dice on the website of blitz.be right now.
Nir Ronen, Chief Commercial Officer at Spinomenal, mentioned: “Blitz has grown rapidly and established itself as one of the top operators in the Belgium market, That is why it was inevitable for us to develops this business relationship, as part of our Belgium market penetration plan. Blitz Casino makes a perfect match to increase our brand awareness in one of the most interesting markets in Europe.
Our premium games have already proven themselves in other markets, and with the unique adjustments made for the Belgium market, we can ensure that Blitz Casino’s players will love our games.”

Henk Wolff, Marketing manager at Blitz Casino, stated: “The partnership between us (Blitz) and Spinomenal makes sense. We are both in an exponential growth and the games of Spinomenal are exactly what our players are asking for.
Our players love Blitz and we do love our players, therefor we only add games that align with our players. Having high standards and thriving to exceed our own limitations and expectations is what creates these partnerships.”
Expect to see more of Spinomenal and Blitz!