Far away, in the magical arctic circle, locked in the world’s northeast safe and guarded by Santa’s loyal elves, lies a book that carries Christmas’s most sacred secrets.
Spinomenal released today its annual Christmas adventure- Book of Xmas- and Invites you to discover Christmas miracles all the way to the Big Win!

Welcome to our new Christmas adventure- Book of Xmas!

As part of thorough research conducted by Spinomenal’s product team, data had shown a strong affection to the company’s Christmas games across its significant clients and online social media discussions. The team analyzed players’ feedbacks from past years and managed to grasp what type of game they would need to create, so that players’ anticipations would be fulfilled.
Book of Xmas was created in the form of that thinking method, and odd to be one of Spinomenal’s most popular premium games this year. The game consists of 10 winning lines and is classified as a High volatility game. The game includes some of Spinomenal’s well-known Features such as: Buy Feature option, Free Spins, Win up to X5000 of the total bet and more gifts made by the company’s talented product elves.

Following the assimilation of this thrilling mechanism and unique Features, that will defiantly keep players impassioned while spinning, came the artistic work of the company’s design team. Their part of the creation was to investigate popular Christmas themed icons that would attract players to stay in the game by creating an emotional attachment, which is a massive part of Christmas themed games. Specific images were chosen carefully, from the generous Santa itself, Santa’s dears, smiling snowman, and finally, the Hot cocoa drink and gingerbread cookies.
What would amaze most of the players, in terms of visuality and sounds, are both the huge graphic improvement that makes these images seem so real and the music that might sound like it has been pulled from their favorite Hollywood Christmas movie.

In conclusion, Book of Xmas joins Spinomenal’s rich Christmas games portfolio and seems to be the most promising release of the quarter. This game will also participate in Spinomenal’s “Jingle Wins” Christmas network tournament that will take place between December 10th – December 31st.

What are you waiting for? Hop on the sled and spin your way to the north pole!